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Free PMP Training Under 1Malaysia GRIP Program

Fast Track To Project Management

This is the most popular program designed for the busy work force. The Fast Track is designed for those individuals who plan to complete the PMP® examination preparation class in the shortest possible time. This intense program will take you through all phases and process groups of a project to improve your understanding of how a project, in any discipline, is successfully completed. This course will lead attendees through the entire life cycle of a project as per latest Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 5th Edition.

The program runs for 5 days that distributes 40 PDU program (most other training providers are only allowed to award 35 PDU for the same program, but due to the quality of Collaboration’s program, PMI® allows us to award 40 PDU)

This program meets and exceeds the minimum training requirement for the PMP® and CAPM® certification

The course will cover following in detail:

5 Project Management Process Groups
• Initiating Process Group
• Planning Process Group
• Execution Process Group
• Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
• Closing Group

10 Knowledge Areas
• Project Integration Management
• Project Scope Management
• Project Time Management
• Project Cost Management
• Project Quality Management
• Project Human Resources Management
• Project Communication Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Procurement Management
• Project Stakeholder Management

47 Processes in exceptional detail

The course material is dispensed on the first day of program. Collaboration provide PMP training in more than one way i.e. either going through knowledge areas (seldom optioned) or by processes i.e. that way a project is conducted (highly optioned).

 The most popular program route as below:

Day 1 (very informative day)
First three chapters of PMBOK Edition 5 and Initiating Process Group (covering 2 processes).

Day 2 (very intense day)
Covering initial 11 processes of Planning Process Group (covering Integration, Scope and Time knowledge areas)

Day 3 (very intense day)
Covering next 13 processes of Planning Process Group (covering Cost, Quality, Human
Resources, Communications, Risk, Procurement and Stakeholder knowledge areas)

Day 4 (light day)
Covering 8 processes of Executing Process Group (covering Integration, Quality, Human
Resources, Communications, Procurement and Stakeholder knowledge areas)

Day 5 (normal day-graduating)
Covering 11 processes of Monitoring and Controlling Process Group and 2 processes of
Closing Process Group (covering Integration, Scope Time, Cost, Quality, Communications, Procurement and Stakeholder knowledge areas)
Exam date will be scheduled for the attendee when he/she is ready to give PMI® PMP® Certification Exam.

Course Attendees Will Get
• A ‘Certificate in Project Management’ from Focal Project Management Consulting Services Inc. USA
• A Certificate for ’40 contact hours of formal Project Management education’ as required by PMI® USA which qualifies an individual to sit for PMP® examination
• FREE Project Management Body of Language (PMBOK) Edition 5
• FREE PMI® Membership
• FREE Exam enrolment after getting clearance from PMI®
• FREE Enterprise level PMO software with eBooks, templates valued at U$D 350
• FREE Hundreds of PMP® Exam practice questions
• FREE PERT and WBS software valued at U$D 250 each i.e. a total of U$D 500
• FREE EBooks
• FREE Flash cards
• Guidance in Application process for PMP® examination
• Multiple PMP® Exam preparation manuals
• Globally recognized and accepted Project Template
• Valuable after program support
• And much more…

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The objectives of the 1MalaysiaGRIP programme implemented by the Government are:

1) To provide opportunity to employees to increase their skills by participating in specific fields of training to be an expert that would enhance their career development and earn higher income;
2) To provide employers with skilled workforce that will enable them to explore business opportunities in higher valued chain that is related to Knowledge Intensive activities that are knowledge-based, high-tech and high value-added products / activities in order to be continuously competitive in the global market; and
3 ) To increase labour supply in the strategic and high impact areas that were identified to reduce country’s dependency on external expertise and support the Government’s aspiration to achieve developed nation status by the year 2020.


Target group for the 1MalaysiaGRIP programme are Malaysian Employees who are striving to upgrade their skills and knowledge through upskilling and reskilling programmes, either:
1) Employees of HRDF registered employers; and
2) Employees of non-registered employers with HRDF.


Submission of applications must be made through appointed training providers using form PSMB/GRIP/1/15 with supporting documents as follows:
i. A copy of MyID card (Identity Card); and
ii. A copy of applicant’s latest salary slip.

Withdrawal or replacement of trainees is not allowed. As such, training providers are advised to only select committed trainees to be registered for the training courses.

Submit your name and email details using the form found on the homepage and we will send you the 1MalaysiaGrip application form or send an email with the subject line “Free PMP Training” to

Act Now As Seats Are Limited !! and the free training will be available in August and September 2015 Only.


  1. Restu College cannot guarantee any applicant a seat in 1Malaysia GRIP program unless the individual is cleared by HRDF

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